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Summertime #SidecarDog Adventures with @3wheels2pals1tail

To see more photos and videos of #sidecardog summer adventures, follow @3wheels2pals1tail and their friends @nelsonthegoldendoodle and @arawithspirit.

A road trip to California with her German Shepherd mix Dante inspired Melissa Monno (@3wheels2pals1tail) to take the plunge on a motorcycle and sidecar.

"He loves car rides so much," Melissa explains, but she yearned for a more adventurous mode of transportation. "I do a lot of hiking and camping and he’s been with me everywhere, from weekend getaways to week-long backpacking trips in the wilderness." Dreaming of a motorcycle but not wanting to leave Dante behind, she opted for a sidecar. "Wind in my hair, dog at my side in an off-road adventure bike!"

Inspired by other #sidecardogs like @nelsonthegoldendoodle and @arawithspirit, Melissa made sure to have lots of treats on hand and take it slow. “It took him two or three weeks to get used to it,” she says, but now he’s ready for a summer full of adventures.


WIP for an upcoming series of student city guides.


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chatter bugs

Lying on the bench like a homeless person under the bright blue sky while I wait for my roommates to get back from their “shopping trip” and open the door. Life without keys is difficult -.-“

Time to start packing again :(


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that’s true friendship

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